Voluntary Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS)

Executive Summary

  • The PPRS is a voluntary scheme, negotiated between the ABPI and the DH every five years, which aims to limit the growth of branded medicines and is renegotiated every five years. PPRS repayments are triggered if the growth in industry results in the NHS spending more on branded medicines than the agreed level (set by the ABPI and DH)
  • The PPRS attempts to achieve a balance between NHS access to good quality, licensed, branded and prescription medicines at reasonable prices and a fair return for the industry (it does not cover generics or OTC (over the counter) medicines except when they are prescribed)
  • The PPRS offers manufacturers more flexibility than the statutory regulations such as through brand equalisation deals, modulation and patient access schemes
  • The PPRS repayment percentage for 2018 is 7.80%