NICE Scientific Advice

Executive Summary

NICE offer a paid-for consultation service to aid companies in preparing their evidence for submission. Typically, the Scientific Advice process takes 21-25 weeks. It starts with a briefing book, including key questions, being submitted to NICE Scientific Advice, and finishes with the final report. Through our experience with the Scientific Advice team, we’ve compiled crucial information for our members such as:

  • There is a 3-hour face-to-face meeting with NICE about 11 weeks after the submission of the briefing book. The meeting itself is relatively informal and interactive
  • The advice given is not legally binding for any future appraisal
  • Fees for the advice depend on the size of the project
  • Other forms of advice, such as PRIMA

Our page shows you the NICE Scientific Advice process, and tells you how to make the most of it, ensuring you get the best advice for your product’s market access.