MAP Podcasts

MAP has started a series of podcasts exploring the evolving market access processes and latest updates on MAP Online, created with the vision to revolutionise the way market access information is provided.


October 2018 newsletter podcast

In October we first remind our listeners of the upcoming MAP Conference. We then discuss how we have been developing MAP online content regarding early access schemes in European countries and adding updates on the UK Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) page. The podcast continues with a round up of the news stories regarding Brexit and the reduction in numbers of both UK-based clinical trials and patents being filed for point-of-care medtech devices. Finally, a reminder was given of what MAP Online does for our members.


September 2018 newsletter podcast

In September we updated our listeners on pricing, with our consultation response to the Statutory Regulations scheme proposals. We also discusses PRIME, the EMA’s early access scheme, and changes to our pages on Highly Specialised Technology appraisals in NICE.


August 2018 newsletter podcast – Part 1

There are so many updates to cover this month that the MAP Podcast has been split into two. In the first part we cover updates to PPRS, more on the arrangements around Brexit (specifically a possible implementation period), and guidance from the EU on classification for healthcare apps.


August 2018 newsletter podcast – Part 2

There are so many updates to cover this month that the MAP Podcast has been split into two. In the second part we cover updates to France’s ATU programme for drugs outside of Marketing Authorisation, more on Brexit (NHS staffing, continuity of medical supplies), and the latest on the MAP Conference and the new Member Phoneline.


July 2018 newsletter podcast

In July we discussed a set of news articles including new political announcements and a raft of new NHS Commissioning Policies. We introduced the Flexible Pricing scheme under PPRS, gave an update on the 2018 MAP Conference, and described our MAP Tool: International Reference Pricing Lookup Table.


June 2018 newsletter podcast

Our June podcast explained the progress on sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated care systems, several updates to MAP Scotland (e.g. PACS and SMC HTA), further detail on META, and a legal case study around parallel trade in medicine.


May 2018 newsletter podcast

May’s podcast featured our plans for MAP’s 2018 conference, updates to international reference pricing, and insights into NICE’s processes.


April 2018 newsletter podcast

In this podcast we give you updates on changes to NICE’s technology appraisals programme and news updates from the EMA and MHRA.


PPRS and the new UK statutory regulations in 2018 – what you need to know!

This one-off podcast gives you all the detail for navigating the updated PPRS system and understanding the relative merits of PPRS versus statutory regulations.


March 2018 newsletter podcast

In this podcast we discuss NICE’s Commissioning Support Process, ATMPs across Europe, Ireland’s revised processes around orphan drugs, reimbursement for MedTech, and the launch of the MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META).