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MAP Tools: ICER Calculator

A simplified ICER calculator that can help provide an estimated ICER for your product. Taking into account aspects such as discount rates, time horizon, interventions and comparators.

Calculating Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio (ICER)

We understand the challenges faced by organisations in generating this complex calculation. It can be difficult knowing where to start, which inputs to use and what steps to follow.

Our step-by-step tool will guide you through the process. It uses a quick cost-utility analysis to give an early indication of the ICER prior to full product modelling.

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Time Horizon

Set your own time horizon and discount rates.

Model Inputs

Built to allow you to see cost drivers.

Reverse Modelling Facility

Invaluable for considering early pricing options.

Dynamic Pricing

Test the effect of pricing variables to optimise a cost-effective ICER.

Visual Display

At-a-glance incremental quadrant display.

Expert Support

A team of experienced consultants are on hand if you need help.
MAP Online has a wealth of expert tools as well as the latest information on issues of market access, it is an important source for me in my day to day work on patient access to medicines in the UK

Alzheimer's Research UK, Policy Manager

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