About Us

MAP’s Vision

To be the market leader in accelerating patient access to medicines, devices and diagnostics.

MAP’s Value Proposition

MAP Online is a unique, validated, ‘virtual’ expert, which will help you achieve pricing and reimbursement across Europe and other major global markets. MAP Online builds on our strategic insights and experience of successfully completing over 100 submissions.

Who we are

The MAP team have a diverse background, from experienced pharmacists to market access directors. Meet our team here...

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What we provide

Learn more about what a MAP membership offers and how it empowers you to develop your own market access strategy. MAP out the market to stay ahead of the competition.

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Where we are

MAP BioPharma is based in Papworth. Find out further details on exactly where we are and how to find us.

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Get in touch!

We're always looking for ways to improve our resources. Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any queries. Whether it's a question regarding the website or if you have a suggestion to improve our site, we'd love to hear from you.

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