Farmaindustria president calls for increased collaboration in the face of future challenges

The president of Farmaindustria, Juan López-Belmonte, has called for greater collaboration at the inauguration of the eighth edition of the We Are Patients Day.

Juan López-Belmonte also called for greater involvement of the patient in biomedical research, saying

“The medicine is for the patient. It is he who can best help define what needs he has, what the drug to be investigated should respond to.”

The We Are Patients 2020 Conference was held this year under the title Future of the associative movement: lessons from the pandemic, in which representatives of patient associations, health professionals, authorities and the pharmaceutical industry addressed, among other issues, what are the main challenges of patient associations for the future and what should be their participation in the R&D process of new medicines.

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Published 16. December 2020 in News, News Spain, Press Release