Farmaindustria emphasises the need for Europe to regain lost ground in pharma research

The General Director of Farmaindustria has highlighted the widening gap in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry between Europe and the US and Asia.

In an interview with journalist Pepa Bueno for the ‘Hora 25’ programme, the CEO of Farmaindustria, Humberto Arnés, stated that the European Pharmaceutical Strategy needs to contribute to recovering ground lost in research to the United States and Asia. In the last twenty years, Europe has reduced its contribution to biomedical R&D to being the origin of only 23% of new drugs, versus 47% which come from the other side of the Atlantic.

Arnes said,

“Europe must reindustrialise and regain its strategic capacity. We have been generating a great dependence on Asian countries in the production of mature drugs and active ingredients, many of them essential for citizens. And we must remember that in Spain every day 25 million people need to take at least one medicine in order to lead a quality daily life”

Arnes has committed to collaborating with public institutions and research centres in order to eradicate COVID-19 together. The world pharmaceutical industry joined the the global alliance developed by the World Health Organisation, known as the ACT accelerator partnership, as a founding partner at the start of the pandemic.

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Published 14. December 2020 in News, News Spain, Press Release