LEEM publishes proposals to improve the competitiveness of medicine production in France

Les entreprises du medicament (LEEM) has published ten proposals to reignite the competitiveness and attractiveness of producing medicines in France.

LEEM’s industrial strategy is to allow France to become Europe’s largest producer of medicine’s once again, as it was between 1995 and 2008. France is now the fourth largest European producer of medicines behind Switzerland, Germany and Italy. It is closely followed by Ireland and the UK. The measures aim to improve the competitiveness of existing industrial tools and attract the production of innovative medicines to France.

The proposals are structured around the three priorities to increase investment, protect the supply of medicines and accelerate bioproduction. They include measures to:

  • improve the flexibility of the means of production
  • formalise the centralisation of state purchasing in health crises
  • ensure that pharmaceutical production is protected from future crises
  • increase investment by offering exceptional tax cuts in order to modernise industrial sites
  • introduce a price floor for medicines for which supply is not sustainable for economic reasons
  • put in place a marking showing the origin of the medicine on its packaging to recognise and promote European production
  • create strategic investment funds dedicated to bioproduction
  • create a Young Producer of Innovative Biotherapies (JEPBI) status to recognise small, innovative companies.

Read the LEEM article (in French) for further information.

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Published 20. November 2020 in News, News France, Press Release