Trudeau proposes harmonisation of long-term care standards

In a telephone meeting with the premiers this week, Trudeau proposed harmonised national standards for long-term care, which are currently not covered by the Canada Health Act.
The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a number of vulnerabilities with long-term care facilities across the country. In the first wave of the pandemic, long-term care residents accounted for about 20% of all confirmed cases and 80% of all deaths. Although the infection rate has eased over the summer, autumn and winter conditions are expected to trigger second or third waves of the pandemic. CBC news reports that in light of this, the provinces have requested for a massive increase in federal health transfers, including to help improve long-term care, but remain wary of any potential federal conditions attached. The Prime Minister maintains that the current proposal is not an attempt to assert federal control over long-term care and emphasises that long-term care facilities remain in provincial jurisdiction.

Read the CBC article for more information.

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Published 19. October 2020 in News, News Canada