Nature launches appeal to establish European network to respond to COVID-19 and other epidemics

Launched by the journal, Nature, the appeal to European institutions to establish a network of national agencies to respond to epidemics has been initiated by 15 researchers from health institutions, government agencies, universities and non-government organisations in Italy, France, USA, Germany, Portugal and the UK.

The purpose of this network will be to take on the surveillance of epidemics, promote cooperation between national and international public health agencies, draft technical guidelines and clinical protocols for disease management, coordinate research, increase the capacity of laboratories for the early identification of new pathogens, and create a network of staff capable of implementing large-scale testing, contact tracing and quarantine measures. 

AIFA Director General Nicola Magrini is among the signatories. 

The appeal states: “The pandemic has shown the weakness of European national health systems. It is time for the European Union to commit itself to protecting its citizens by setting new and more ambitious standards in terms of protection, health and social security. An objective that can be achieved by creating national health plans that include national reference agencies for potentially epidemic infectious diseases, closely connected in a European network.”

For further information, please refer to AIFA’s press release (in Italian). 

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Published 29. October 2020 in News EU, Press Release