Hancock sends message to NHS

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, has praised NHS staff in a letter, highlighting their response to COVID-19, and inviting views on future plans.

In his letter, Mr Hancock said:

“During this difficult period for our country, we have seen the NHS doing what it does best, delivering incredible care with compassion, and I am so grateful to every single member of the team for the part you have played. Together we protected the NHS, and the nation has expressed how much it values you in so many ways.”

Mr Hancock referred to a speech he had made recently to the Royal College of Physicians, in which he laid out seven key learnings from the coronavirus pandemic. These included valuing people and removing bureaucracy preventing effective working. To this end, Mr Hancock invited the views of NHS staff:

“One way that you can get your voice heard is through taking part in our Bureaucracy Challenge.

“This will look at every new proposed regulation or process and ask if it makes sense given the realities of modern, integrated healthcare.

“We have launched an open call for evidence to invite views from health and social care colleagues, and I would be very grateful for your views to help us drive this important agenda.”

Read the letter for more information.

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Published 18. August 2020 in News, News UK