Funding and collaboration boosts for Nordic COVID-19 research

Funding has been allocated for coronavirus research in Norway, and Nordic collaborations aim to tackle to pandemic.

Nordic Life Science News reports that 30 million NOK will be allocated by the Research Council of Norway “health innovations aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Iselin Nybø, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry said:

“This situation shows how extremely important it is to have a good cooperation between the healthcare and the health industry. Therefore we want to be a part of strengthening this collaboration within health research in Norway”.

In addition, NordForsk, a research institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers, has launched collaborations for the Nordic region around COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and policies such as social security.

Arne Flåøyen, the Director of NordForsk, said:

“A great deal of research is already being conducted, most of it directed at the virus – to develop a vaccine and methods of treatment. This is research that can be done anywhere in the world. NordForsk’s niche is research that generates Nordic synergies. With this in mind, we want to support research that can only be conducted in the Nordic region and will benefit our societies. Working together on research will generate results that make us better able to deal with future pandemics and other major crises that hit the Nordic countries in the same way and at the same time.”

Find out more about the Research Council of Norway’s funding scheme here, and about NordForsk’s collaboration schemes here.

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Published 17. April 2020 in News, News Nordics