Nordic collaboration on joint procurement comes to fruition

Agreement signed in 2018 came into effect in February 2020, with companies invited to respond to tenders for Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Tenders were created to cover several kinds of medicines, the patents for which have expired. Some of these generic drugs are in a competitive environment with several competent manufacturers, and others are currently not competitive. Most of the medicines are “older”.

Flemming Son, CEO at Amgros (the publicly-owned purchaser of medicines for Danish hospitals), said:

“I’m extremely pleased that we’ve been able to get bids for all the medicines we put out to tender. We weren’t just successful in getting bids for all the medicines we put out to tender; we also saw competition in several tenders, with many tenderers bidding in. And we’ve received good bids for all agreements”

Initially, the collaboration had been designed around Norway and Denmark, with Iceland signing-up in 2019. the peculiarities of Iceland (including its isolated location and small population) meant that certain exemptions had to be allowed. Hulda Harðardóttir, project manager for Pharmaceutical Procurement, Procurement Department Landspítali, explained:

“The three countries therefore decided that suppliers could choose for themselves whether to cover Iceland in their tenders. This meant that Iceland only received bids from one company, and that already had marketing authorisation in Iceland. Nevertheless, this first joint tendering procedure between the three Nordic countries has been a positive learning experience for Iceland, and we’ve started to review all the obstacles, we have met”

Read more on the joint procurement system in the Amgros press release here.

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Published 18. February 2020 in News, News Nordics