Update on Life Sciences Industrial Strategy published

The Office for Life Sciences (OLS) has given its verdict on the progress achieved towards the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, which was launched in 2017.

The update document considers whether the industry is advancing towards the Strategy’s goals. Professor Sir John Bell, author of the original Strategy, contributed to this update exercise. Five key themes were identified:

  • NHS collaboration
  • business environment
  • reinforcing the UK science offer, including clinical research, data and genomics
  • skills
  • advanced therapies, including developing advanced therapies and advanced therapies manufacturing

The update describes several examples of success in NHS collaboration, and it is hoped these can become the norm, rather than the exception, in future. Stories such as the NHS Long-Term plan and patient access to Kymriah are picked out, and the success of the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) is highlighted:

“The AAC is already delivering successes, with ongoing support to increase the use of a host of proven innovations which have the potential to benefit up to 500,000 patients and save the NHS £30m. We have seen significant increases in uptake of the products that the AAC has identified, and further high‑quality innovations will be identified by the AAC later this year.”

OLS also considers advanced therapies, with the UK positioning itself as a leader for this new class of medicines. Investments have been made to medicines manufacturing, and Catapult organisations are supporting the work:

“As part of our ambition to make the UK a leading hub for advanced therapies we provided £70.6m additional funding to further develop the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, a centre of excellence with the mission to drive the growth of the industry by helping cell and gene therapy organisations across the world translate early stage research into commercially viable and investable therapies.”

Read the full update here, and find the original Life Sciences Industrial Strategy here.

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Published 15. January 2020 in Interesting Reads, News, News UK