NICE finalises Statement of Intent on use of data in guidance development

NICE has published the final version of the Statement of Intent explaining its intention to make best use of different sorts of evidence.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) ran a consultation in 2019 to gain feedback on the draft Statement, which covered:

  • “the evidence we currently use
  • the broader types of evidence available
  • when and why we’d consider using a broader type of evidence
  • practical considerations”

This was particularly interesting for those working in real-world evidence (RWE). Often, data gathered through health records, registries or other sources can be just as relevant, if not more-so, than data gathered through traditional clinical trials, but its use in decision-making has been lacking. As bodies such as NICE become increasingly aware of the value of RWE, they are seeking to establish guidance for their committees and staff on how to take it into account.

The revised document maintains the goals set out above, also incorporating the following changes:

  • “clarification on how these ambitions link to our health technology evaluation methods review
  • acknowledgement of additional data sources, including potential emerging forms and sources
  • acknowledgement that we may consider international sources of data
  • reference to external initiatives
  • additional detail about our proposals to ensure transparency
  • details about the risks associated with this work, and how we propose to mitigate them”

Find the updated Statement of Intent here.

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Published 15. January 2020 in News, News UK