Government study suggests Finnish medicine pricing system results in higher prices

A study published by The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health shows if Finland had adopted systems similar to those of its Nordic neighbours, expenditure on medicines would have been between €83 million and €201 million lower in 2018.

The Helsinki Times reports that:

“The study details the costs incurred by the society for the retail distribution of medicinal products and organisation of pharmaceutical services, as well as models how the costs would change due to the adoption of the systems in place elsewhere in the Nordics.”

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health said in a press release:

“The preliminary study indicates that the pricing systems of the reference countries seem to be more affordable for organising pharmaceutical distribution than the current system in Finland… The majority of medicine users would also see their costs decrease or remain unchanged if one of the models in the simulation was used.”

Read the Helsinki Times article here, and the Government press release here.

Translated by Helsinki Times

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Published 31. January 2020 in News, News Nordics, Press Release