Scottish Parliamentary Committee investigates cost of medicines

The Scottish Parliament’s Health & Sport Committee is investigating ways to improve the effectiveness of medicine usage, and reduce wastage, in order to reduce financial pressure on NHS Scotland.

The inquiry will investigate ways to make the system more efficient, which will include considerations as to how technology can be incorporated into the system, and ways to reduce the approximately 15-50% of prescriptions that are wasted.

Convener of the Health and Sport Committee, Lewis Macdonald MSP, commented that: 

“A recurring theme in our scrutiny of Health Boards is controlling the medicines budget and it is essential we understand all the pressures that they face.

We need to ensure that patients are receiving the most clinically and cost-effective medicines possible while ensuring medicines wastage is reduced to a minimum.

This is a vital inquiry and the Committee look forward to seeking solutions to help future proof Scotland’s NHS so that any medicines required are available and acquired at a fair price that benefits all.”

The inquiry will focus upon the following questions:

  • “Does the system ensure patients receive the most clinically and cost-effective treatments and, if not, how can this be improved? 
  • Does the NHS in Scotland achieve the most value from the money spent on medicines and, if not, how can this be improved? 
  • In what ways can the system be made more efficient? 
  • How can the medicines budget be controlled while maintaining clinical and cost effectiveness?”

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their views for consideration by 22nd November 2019.

For further information you can read the press release and submit your views here.

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Published 4. October 2019 in News, News UK