HAS promotes the deployment of telemedicine

The HAS has published a series of operational deployment documents following its identification of the eligibility conditions for teleconsultation and tele-expertise in 2018.

The HAS – Haute Autorité de Santé (High Authority of Health) has published user manuals, guides and summaries that describe the required conditions for secure implementation for teleconsultation, tele-expertise and tele-imaging.

The HAS also details the appropriate requirements for these forms of medical care:

  • Information and collection of patient consent
  • Verification of the relevance of the use of telemedicine
  • Ability of the patient to communicate
  • Technology sufficient to facilitate requirements
  • Professionals’ authentication protocol
  • Patient identification
  • Reporting and organisation
  • Continuation of care

The guide devoted to teleimaging allows HAS to focus on the proper use of ‘medical imaging exams with remote interpretation’.

HAS insists on the need to evaluate professional practices and to ensure that telemedicine acts effectively while meeting the expectations and need of patients. HAS also emphasises the benefit of telemedicine in improving the healthcare supply in remote areas by facilitating patient access.

Access the guides for teleconsultation and teleexpertise here.

Access the guide for teleimaging here.

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Published 27. June 2019 in News, News France