Improved Orkambi reimbursement offers made by NHS England and Vertex

NHS England and Vertex have both reported to the Health and Social Care Committee that they have made improved reimbursement offers for Orkambi.

Amid ongoing negotiations around the reimbursement of Orkambi, both Vertex and NHS England have now highlighted their respective improved offers on the reimbursement of Orkambi and other medicines in Vertex’s portfolio.

This news follows a call from the Health and Social Care Committee for an update on negotiations. This forms part of the Committee’s inquiry on the issue.

Although details of the offers remain confidential, it is reported in NHS England’s letter to the Committee that it has improved its reimbursement offer in the following ways:

  • ‘Significantly increased’ price per patient for Vertex’s Orkambi and Symkevi drugs
  • 2 year managed access agreement for Vertex’s Orkambi and Symkevi drugs
  • Reimbursement of all licensed indications for Vertex’s Kalydeco drug, which extends the current reimbursement situation for this drug

Several counter offers have been reported in Vertex’s letter to the Committee.

It is anticipated that this will lead to optimism as both parties appear to be willing to show flexibility in the offers they have produced.

For further information, read the latest documents published by the Committee here.

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Published 31. May 2019 in News, News UK