Irish GPs in favour of combined reform and funding increase package

IMO GP members have voted in favour of a funding proposal that will reverse austerity cuts and provide additional help to chronic disease sufferers, in exchange for reform.

GP members of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) have voted overwhelmingly (95%) in favour of a €210 million deal with the Irish government that requires reform in order to access increased funding for GP services.

The deal requires reforms in the follow areas:

  • An extension to the free care regime for children, increasing the limit from six years of age to a suggested twelve years of age
  • A change to services for patients in nursing homes

In exchange, GP practices will benefit from additional funding which will be spent in the following ways:

  • €120 million to reverse the 2015 FEMPI cuts and combat austerity measures
  • €10 million to supplement pension contributions
  • €80 million to introduce new services for medical card holders with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease

IMO president, Dr Padraig McGarry, commented that:

“This is a crucial first step for GPs and their patients in terms of delivering on the potential of general practice. Our fight for greater investment and the further development of services continues, and we hope that Government now recognise the enormous value of general practice and will support new investment into the future.”

For further information, read the IMO press release here. 

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Published 31. May 2019 in News, News Ireland