US Trade Plan could harm NHS, claim People’s Vote Campaign

The People’s Vote Campaign claim that the recently-published US Objectives for negotiating a UK trade deal portent the erosion of the NHS’s power to control reimbursement, thereby increasing the cost to the UK taxpayer, and the advent of more direct marketing techniques.

Of particular concern was the following paragraph:

“Procedural fairness for pharmaceuticals and medical devices

“Seek standards to ensure that government regulatory reimbursement regimes are transparent, provide procedural fairness, are non-discriminatory, and provide full market access for US products”

– US-UK Negotiations, ‘Summary of Specific Negotiating Objectives’, February 2019

The Campaign claim that this indicates a desire for deregulation of reimbursement and marketing processes:

“Donald Trump’s administration has now made it clear just what it will be demanding from the UK in return for a trade deal – and one of those things is that we let big US companies run riot in the NHS…

“One demand of the US is that the NHS pay more to US drug companies and that US drug companies, the very corporations that have caused the opioids crisis in their home countries through reckless marketing and pressure on doctors, get full access to the NHS – long a demand from US mega-lobbyists in the pay of big pharma”

– Jo Stevens, MP for Cardiff Central

For further information, please see the People’s Vote Campaign article here.

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Published 5. March 2019 in News UK