New Cancer Drugs Fund benefiting thousands and adding £140million for the NHS

Since the opening of the reformed Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) in July 2016 thousands of patients have benefited from accelerated access to new and innovative cancer treatments.

Discounts on eight treatments have been secured by NHS England, previously funded by the old CDF is expected over the next five years to generate around £140 million worth of savings.

For newly referred drugs, the NICE appraisal process will begin much earlier, with a published draft guidance before drugs have received their licence and within 90 days a final guidance issued.

With the reformed CDF, patients were able to access new cancer drugs four months earlier compared with the previous CDF. Once a positive draft guidance is published by NICE, patients will be able to access all cancer treatments recommended by NICE for routine commissioning or with the CDF.

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Published 31. January 2018 in News UK