Italian Ministry of Health to set up list of scientific societies that will product national guidelines

The Italian Ministry of Health has announced, following the Decree of 2 August 2017, that they will appoint scientific societies and technical associations who will be responsible for developing the national guidelines.

The societies and associations eligible for inclusion on the list need to fulfill a set of criteria defined by the Ministry of Health:

  • Relevance at a national level, with representation in at least twelve regions or autonomous provinces, and links or collaborations with other societies or associations within the same profession, specialty or discipline
  • Representation of at least 30% of professionals in the discipline or specific area/field not in retirement. For general practitioners, representation of at least 15% of professionals is required
  • Constitutive act drawn up by public act and statute

Societies and associations can apply for inclusion within 90 days from the date of issue of the decree while the list will be finalized and published within the following 120 days.

Read the full article on the Ministry’s website.

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Published 14. August 2017 in News Italy