NICE Approves Three Quarters of CDF Group 1 Drugs for Routine Use

Drugs previously funded through the cancer drugs fund (CDF) have been going through a reappraisal process by NICE ever since NICE absorbed the role of the CDF earlier this year. NICE is currently reappraising 11 drug indications in the first group of the CDF, and of the nine looked at so far, seven have been approved at draft or final guidance stage. None have yet been rejected in final guidance, with the remaining two currently in the process.

This means that drugs, which patients previously had to apply to the CDF for, will now be available routinely on the NHS.

Sir Andrew Dillon, chief executive of NICE, said: “Sensible pricing and in some cases better data, is helping to secure access to important cancer medicines as they move out of the old Cancer Drugs Fund, following reappraisal by NICE.

“As reappraised drugs now move to routine commissioning, funding in the CDF can be freed up and used for newer, innovative cancer treatments. This is good news all round for patients.”

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Published 30. November 2016 in News UK