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Germany is the largest EU state by population, the largest EU economy and accordingly the most important market for pharmaceuticals within the European Union. For a long time manufacturers were effectively free to determine the reimbursement price of patented drugs in the German health care system. In recent years, however, pricing and reimbursement in Germany has changed significantly. In January 2011 a new system was introduced to determine the reimbursement prices of new active substances entering the German market. This new system, known as the “AMNOG System” the Arzneimittelmarkt-Neuordnungsgesetz (Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganisation Act) foresees a 2-step procedure which new medicines have to undergo as soon as they enter the German market.

The first step is an assessment of the medicine’s additional benefit over a comparator product by an administrative body. The second step are price negotiations between the manufacturer and the statutory health funds which are based on the results of the benefit assessment. This website has been designed to support you when navigating the AMNOG-System to prepare the successful launch of innovative pharmaceuticals in Germany.

detailed guide to the benefit assessment in the German P&R procedures.

This includes an overview of all completed benefit assessments, updated on a monthly basis.

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