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France has a well developed pharmaceutical market and is an important pharmaceutical exporting country. According to a study published in the medical journal The Lancet, the French health system is assessed as the 15th best in the world out of 195 countries assessed.

France uses a benefit rating system known as the ASMR (Amélioration du service médical rendu) rating which, is based on the improvement of actual benefit over current existing therapies/treatments. The ASMR is used by the Transparency Committee to help decide upon the pricing and reimbursement (P&R) of a drug.

Find out more about the different ASMR ratings and how they affect P&R.

France is also one of the leading countries for new and innovative treatments with its Temporary Authorisation for Use (ATU) and Temporary Recommendation for Use (RTU) schemes, giving patients earlier access to certain products under special circumstances.

For a more detailed breakdown of France’s healthcare economy and pharmaceutical industry, refer to our France section on MAP Europe.

Please see our France specific news section for all the latest market access updates.

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