Consultancy services are available for aspects outside the scope of the web-based reference service. Rates depend on the number of hours or days required to complete requested work.

For further information, please see our consulting website MAP MarketAccess. Please email to request proposals and a quote.

Summary of services provided beyond MAP Online

Desk research, leading to delivery of tailored, up to date reports to help make timely decisions to support market access on the best available evidence.

Reports and advice to support NHS service redesign and accelerated the uptake of medicines; for example:

  • commissioning toolkits
  • business cases
  • budget impact models
  • simple health economic models designed to be used by field-based market access staff with NHS customers

Disease-specific analysis based on our health technology appraisal longitudinal databases for NICE, SMC, AWMSG, NCPE and GBA.

MAP also provides policy and public affairs consulting support. We use our in-depth knowledge of market access and the stakeholder and policy environment to develop strategic policy and public affairs campaigns that help companies to achieve their commercial objectives.

We provide support for:

  • monitoring and policy analysis
  • strategic planning and message development
  • stakeholder engagement
  • political communications
  • event planning
  • training

Please email to request proposals and a quote.

Examples of consultancy services that MAP have delivered to support market entry and commercialisation

Market Access Strategy

  • Guiding a Startup Biotech company on how to achieve optimal pricing and positive reimbursement in the Republic of Ireland
  • Supporting a Startup MedTech company in a government affairs campaign accompanying a commercial access strategy to enter the UK NHS market
  • Arranging market access and lobbying activity for a medium sized diagnostics company, overcoming NHS barriers due to budget silos and disincentives to adopt new diagnostics with clear and evidence-based quality improvements and cost savings to the NHS
  • Ensuring an evidence-based review of examples of NHS service redesign for a medium sized consultancy. This was used to inform various clients on optimal NHS engagement strategies based on different models of field force structure and delivery of supporting materials


  • Developing evidence and a summary dossier for a small pharmaceutical company to support a price rise under the UK PPRS scheme based on re-introduction of an oncology product
  • Writing a technical report for a medium-sized pharmaceutical company outlining how PPRS disputes should be handled based on real-life cases including a DH strategy guide and draft letters to practically secure successful resolution of a dispute

Health Technology Appraisals

  • Accelerating NICE approval for a treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • Reviewing and adapting a health economic model for a medium-sized biotech company to achieve positive NICE guidance based on identification of an optimal ICER which NICE was likely to and did approve
  • Reviewing an SMC submission and guidance for a large pharmaceutical company on how to adapt this to achieve positive guidance from the NCPE in the Republic of Ireland
  • Providing a small pharmaceutical company with a technical report providing details of patient rights to treatment in England and Scotland including the processes and steps required to gain reimbursement in the absence of positive HTA guidance

Patient programmes

  • Helping to devise and implement public affairs programmes for national research charities

Clinical research

  • Supporting the development of a clinical trial programme based on feedback from a multidisciplinary team

Public Affairs engagement

  • Delivering successful parliamentary engagement programmes to address wider health technology assessment issues and secure positive recommendations
  • Developing a strategy for Department of Health engagement in order to secure a price increase under the PPRS
  • Supporting a client to secure designation as a specialised service via engagement with the Prescribed Specialised Services Advisory Group