MAP Canada

Canada has one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. The industry benefits from high spending per capita, as well as a relatively less restricted market compared to many European markets. Canada has a complex healthcare market, which is fragmented into 13 provinces and territories with each region responsible for the healthcare provided in their respective regions. However, if manufacturers can understand the specific nuances of the market, launching a drug in Canada can be profitable. Generic treatments have also done well in the Canadian market as, historically, Canadians have paid some of the highest prices for generic drugs in the world.

This healthcare system gives manufacturers different strategic opportunities to launch their products. For instance, manufacturers may want to launch their products in the largest provinces first before branching out to the smaller regions, while for different therapeutic areas, it may be more advantageous to seek out less populous regions before expanding. Other factors such as the extent to which an indication is covered within a public or private sponsored drug cover, can also influence a company’s launch strategy plan.

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