NICE health economic model review service endorsed by companies

NICE Scientific Advice (NSA) has launched a new health economic model review service. PRIMA (Preliminary Independent Model Advice) provides companies with an external peer review of the design and structure of economic models implemented in Excel, WinBugs, R, SAS, and TreeAge. Models developed in other software will also be considered independently.

The service is designed to help companies identify errors in their models, before this results in flawed decision making. Companies who submit their models for review will receive a comprehensive report, written by a team of experts in model development, along with a copy of the model with proposed amendments or corrections. In particular, NICE recommends the service for companies who lack the internal resources to quality check their models, are using models developed by a third party, or have limited health economic modelling experience.

Recently, the service has been endorsed by Takeda, a global pharmaceutical company, who have completed two PRIMA projects with the NSA.  Peter Wheatley-Price, Market Access and Pricing Director at Takeda UK Ltd, said: “We were delighted to be one of the first companies to work with the PRIMA service, and collaborate with NICE on improving this valuable tool. The Takeda team valued the quality of the PRIMA reports and model review documentation.”

NICE advises that whilst the costs of a review will vary based on the complexity of the model and project delivery timelines, a standard project will cost approximately £15,000. The delivery time for a review also varies, but will usually take 11 working weeks. 

Companies interested in the PRIMA service are encouraged to send an enquiry form to NICE Scientific Advice.

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Published 12. June 2018 in News, News UK