England IFR Process Updated

NHS England has released an updated standard operating procedure (SOP) detailing the process for how individual funding requests (IFRs) will operate.

IFRs can only be requested by clinicians for patients with exceptional clinical circumstances that are not already covered by existing policies in England. All Prescribed Services IFRs utilise the same operation management process which is the responsibility of an IFR administrative team for NHS England.

Clinical urgency was specifically addressed in the SOP, with processes laid out and timescales for the decisions reduced from 40 days to 30 days.

An online application process is currently being developed and will be launched at a future date. The SOP will be updated to provide information on how applications should be submitted in that new process.

MAP BioPharma has updated the England IFR section in response to this updated policy.


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Published 20. November 2017 in News UK