Public Accounts Committee Publishes Report on the Commissioning of Specialised Services

The Public Accounts Committee has published a report on the commissioning of specialised services.

In the report, the Committee concludes “NHS England will need to make tough decisions” to stay within its budget for specialised commissioning and sets out a number of urgent recommendations. Between 2013-14 and 2015-16, the budget for specialised services increased from £13bn to £14.6bn , an average yearly increase of 6.3 per cent. Over this period the budget for the NHS as a whole increased by 3.5 per cent a year on average.

The Committee is concerned that NHS England and the Department of Health “painted an unduly healthy picture of the state of commissioning specialised services in England “, highlighting ongoing shortcomings in the collection of data and the potential impact this has on decision-making and efficiency.

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Published 18. July 2016 in News UK