Government responds to consultation on changes to the Statutory scheme

The Government has carefully considered the responses received and has today (15 Sept 2016) published its response to the consultation which can be accessed here.

The government has decided that option 2a, introducing a payment mechanism applicable to new as well as old products, is the best option.

The response sets out the Government’s intention to legislate to clarify the primary powers to put beyond doubt that the cost of health service medicines can be limited by requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers to make payments to the Department similar to the payments made under the 2014 PPRS.

The Government will also strengthen its powers to control the prices of medicines by ensuring it can set the price of a medicine even when a manufacturer is in the voluntary scheme, as long as the medicine is not covered by the scheme.

Furthermore, the Government will introduce a new power to make regulations to obtain information on sales and purchasing from across the supply chain for health service medicines and other medical supplies and allow for the information to be shared in specified circumstances.

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Published 15. September 2016 in News UK