Health Ministers Highlight Progress by Authorities Network in Latin America

The XV Latin American Conference of Health Ministers, held in Columbia on the 5th and 6th of September, ended with signing of the final declaration.

The centerpiece of the final declaration is to improve the health of young people in the region and contribute to the reduction of inequities. Also in the statement are two resolutions proposed by the Health Ministry, Social Services and Equality:

  • The fifth agreement, “highlights the progress made in the area of health and medicine by the Authorities Network Latin America Drug and recommends that their jobs are targeted particularly to deepen common actions to facilitate access to medicines, including biologics and biosimilars, which comply with the guarantees of quality, safety, effectiveness and affordability. It also recommends encouraging research and development of new drugs; promotes the rational use of medicines, making more efficient the fight against antimicrobial resistance, and continue the fight against counterfeit and fraudulent drugs “
  • In the twelfth agreement underlines the important contribution that the incorporation of digital technologies can make to improving health systems in our countries. In the same presentation stands Pan – Hispanic Dictionary of Medical Terms , “which will encourage the development of language technologies and processing, as well as creating new products based on them. Support their development and dissemination to promote the Spanish as the language of scientific communication of the first magnitude, and promote this tool becomes the Spanish – speaking society in an instrument providing common criteria for the consolidation of common medical language “

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Published 19. September 2016 in News Spain