Creation of a fund to support pharmaceutical innovation

The Social Security Financing Bill 2017 creates the Pharmaceutical Innovation Financing Fund (FFPE). It will have a lasting recipe taken from the budget of the Health Insurance 6.2 billion in 2017, which will grow by 5% annually. And will be topped up each year (up to 800 million in 2017 to a budget of €7 billion) by the result of discounts negotiated with laboratories, plus the surcharge on their turnover resulting from the rate L, which limits spending growth for medicines in general and W rate, targeting new treatments for hepatitis C.

A reserve of €800 million, drawn from a fund established in the pension reform of 2010, will also smooth from one year to the other expenses related to new treatments, explains the French economic newspaper Les Echos. The fund will finance the drugs that have a temporary authorisation for use (ATU/EAP), which are included in the supplement list of hospitals (Positive Drug List), or the cost reverts to the envelope of the city care (Retrocession, delivered in hospitals but for home based use). Led by Social Security, the FFPE should not disburse more than a quarter of its reserves in a year, or about 200 million next year. It will also not permitted to remain in deficit over three times on six consecutive years. This tool should give visibility to Social Security, which now manages the cost of innovation in fits and urgently.

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Published 23. September 2016 in News France