NHS Wales publishes 2020-23 Planning Framework

NHS Wales has published its 2020-23 Planning Framework, setting out ministerial priorities by which local health boards and NHS Trusts should develop their Integrated Medium Term Plans (IMTPs).

Ministerial priorities are mostly unchanged from the previous planning cycle, although there is a greater emphasis on certain areas and further implementation of the ‘A Healthier Wales’ plan.

Further, the single submission process introduced in 2018/19 will be replicated as this scheme was found to generate a record number of approved plans.

As in previous years, ITMPs must contain concrete details for 2020/21, indicative details for 2021/22 and an outline for 2022/23 activities.

Guidance can be obtained during the plan development process, and all board-approved IMTPs are to be submitted to the Welsh government by 31st January 2020.

More information is available from an NHS Wales circular available here.

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Published 2. October 2019 in News, News UK