ABPI responds to UK Government Spending Round announcement

The ABPI has responded to the UK Government’s Spending Round calling for further announcements to invest in infrastructure, address skills gaps, and to improve access to new medicines.

The Chancellor Sajid Javid outlined in the Spending Review that this round would focus on schools, hospitals and police.

Following this, the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) outlined three specific areas where it believes the UK Government could show ambition in the biopharma industry.

The first of which is to invest in science infrastructure in order to better develop medicines for the future. In addition, the ABPI also argues that this should be accompanied by action to support industry to invest in the UK.

The second area the ABPI asks the government to make announcements on is to address the skills gap in the life sciences industry. Included in this is the suggestion for the Chancellor to introduce more flexibility to the Apprenticeship Levy.

Lastly, the ABPI highlighted access to the latest medicines as an area which the government should look at. On this point, the ABPI said:

“To underline the Government’s commitment to ensuring UK patients can access new medicines, the Spending Round could make sure that the ‘discount rate’ currently applied to health benefits by NICE is reduced from 3.5% to 1.5%, in line with the Treasury Green Book update. This is important because our industry is increasingly producing medicines that are potentially curative.”

Find out more from the ABPI’s response to the government’s Spending Round here.

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Published 5. September 2019 in News, News UK