ICER announces consultation on assessment for curative therapies

ICER has opened a consultation on proposed method adaptations for the assessment of potential cures and other transformative therapies.

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) has stated that whilst these proposed changes do not fundamentally change its approach to value assessment, they are designed to equip decision makers with a more reliable evaluation.

In making the announcement, ICER President Dr Steven D. Pearson said:

“…many of these [gene and cell] therapies are introduced with much higher levels of uncertainty about their long-term safety and effectiveness than standard treatments, and patients and insurers are being asked to pay extremely high prices upfront for the promise of long-term benefit. These tensions raise important questions for how best to adapt health technology assessment methods to ensure that all aspects of the value of these treatments are fully evaluated and the uncertainty put into perspective for decision-makers.”

The discussion on the draft set of proposed method adaptations can be found in a companion technical brief, also published this week by ICER.

The consultation on these proposed changes will close on the 5th September 2019.

Find out more about this consultation, and others, on MAP’s Consultation Tracker.

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Published 8. August 2019 in Interesting Reads, News