IPHA launch “Innovate for Life” to show the impact of R&D in Ireland

“Innovate for Life” is a new campaign by IPHA to showcase how the pharmaceutical industry’s work benefits the country and its population.

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) aim to show the true value of the industry’s presence in Ireland – a message rarely shared. IPHA’s Director of Communications and Advocacy, Bernard Mallee, said:

“‘Innovate For Life’ shares an exciting story of pharmaceutical innovation – the science behind the treatments and cures, the passion and dedication of people who work to improve healthcare outcomes, the community impact generated by the presence of significant industry investment, and the strength and resilience of patients whose conditions can be managed by medical innovation. It is an important window on the value of innovation – and a story that can be owned by everyone with a stake in patient care, not just our own industry. We hope the campaign can help us to lay the reputational foundation for the future of our industry which will serve the country well in the right policy and operating environment for the discovery, development and adoption of new medicines.”

The campaign features three pillars:

  • the places highlights areas of Ireland where innovative work is carried out, such as Cork
  • the patients, showing how access to new medicines changes lives
  • the pioneers, featuring profiles of pharma leaders and scientists and what they do

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Published 10. July 2019 in News, News Ireland