CADTH announces integration of CDIAC into pCODR processes

CADTH has announced that as of 1st July 2019 the responsibilities of CDIAC will be integrated into pCODR to better support decision-makers and enhance transparency.

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) runs the Cancer Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC) alongside the pan-Canadian Oncology Review (pCODR) at present, but there has been concern that a lack of transparency makes the system ineffective for payers. The integration should also improve stakeholder engagement and reduce duplication of administrative processes.

The CDIAC exists to provide advice on funding options and sequencing of drugs across Canadian provinces through consolidating clinical expert opinions regarding drug conditions and criteria for funding. As of 1st July, these functions will be merged into existing pCODR processes and will mean changes to four operational processes:

  • Changes to pCODR pre-submission requirements: pCODR will now support the development of provincial treatment algorithms, so submitting companies will now have to identify, with evidence, where their therapy could potentially be sequenced within existing treatment lines prior to submission
  • Changes to pCODR submission requirements: The identification of relevant comparator(s) and where the new therapy will fit into the treatment pathway is now a requirement for a complete submission
  • Changes to initial and final recommendation: where a therapy has received a positive initial recommendation, the provisional treatment algorithm will also be posted publicly for stakeholder feedback
  • Expanding the membership of existing pCODR advisory bodies: to strengthen links with provincial cancer programs and clinical leads

The full announcement can be viewed here.

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Published 12. June 2019 in News, News Canada