WHO adopts resolution on transparency in drug pricing

Members of the WHO have agreed to push governments to demand greater transparency from companies in drug pricing.

The World Health Organisation resolution states that nations should “take appropriate measures to publicly share information on net prices”. The UK, Germany and Hungary were among those countries that disassociated themselves from the resolution, which received support from the USA, Japan and Switzerland.

Several strong measures proposed in the original version of the text were removed, transparency on R&D costs, for example.

The resolution follows developments in drug pricing, particularly in the USA during the Trump administration.

A representative of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International, Gaelle Krikorian, said the resolution was welcome but limited in scope:

“We need to know the mark-ups corporations charge, production costs, the cost of clinical trials, how much investment is really covered by companies, and how much is underwritten by taxpayers and non-profit groups”

Find out more from the WHO World Health Assembly update.

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Published 31. May 2019 in News