Price hikes cause further controversy in Europe

The Financial Times has reported that further companies have followed the example of Martin Shkreli’s Retrophin in massively increasing the price of medicine from their portfolios. The case in point is that of Leadient Biosciences and their product chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA).

CDCA has ten-year market exclusivity for treating cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX), and, since Leadient took control of its supply, its price has been changed from around €300 to more than €150,000. Although the company has done nothing illegal, this practice has caused alarm in The Netherlands, and action is now being pursued. The case will be addressed by The Netherlands’ Authority for Consumers and Markets, who will examine accusations of abuse of market power by the company.

So severe is the pice rise that hospital scientists are preparing to produce the drug themselves, with the support of health insurance companies reluctant to pay the new price.

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Published 5. September 2018 in News, News EU