Brazil mandates state to update medicines access

Brazil’s national authorities have required the state of Amapá to update its Essential Drugs List (REMAP) which determines the medicines available in the state under the Unified Health System (SUS).

Note that REMAP is the Essential Drugs List for Amapá state, and not a common acronym for such lists across Brazil.

The Official Gazette published a decree on the matter at the end of last month. Under Brazilian law this means that the state is required to implement the required changes within 180 days.

The state of Amapá has not updated REMAP for nine years.

State representatives have confirmed that REMAP will be updated, but have insisted that the local list (REMAP) is based on the National Drug List (RENAME) issued by the Ministry of Health, and that determination of prices at the national level limits some states’ ability to fund more expensive drugs. However as a region Amapá has a mid-range per-capita GDP.

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Published 6. September 2018 in News, News Brazil