Commitment of the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Spain to collaborate with the Government

Farmaindustria president, Jesús Acebillo, and general director, Humberto Arnés, have met with the Minister of Science, Innovation and University, Pedro Duque, and the Secretary of State for Universities, Research and Innovation, Ángeles Heras.

The meeting was used to discuss the innovative pharmaceutical industry in Spain and how its strong commitment to investment in biomedical research and development can open positive opportunities for the Spanish economy and society. Farmaindustria have reiterated to the minister the commitment of the Spanish industry to collaborate with the government for a long-term research and development strategy. The latest data on investment in the pharmaceutical sector represents a new record at €1.147 billion in 2017 and establishes it as the main private investment sector in industrial research and development in Spain, with approximately 5,000 people employed. Approximately €542.1 million is already allocated to research projects developed in collaboration with hospitals and public or private research centres.

Farmaindustria highlighted that strategic commitment and close collaboration between the government and the pharmaceutical research sector has the potential to improve the health system as a whole as it attracts investment for health centres, contributes to increasing research experience of health care professionals and facilitates early patient access to new treatments.

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Published 30. August 2018 in News Spain