AIFA publish updated ‘Doctors of General Medicine, Paediatricians and Pharmacists’ program document

The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) has published an updated version of the ‘Doctors of General Medicine, Paediatricians and Pharmacists’ program document (Documento Programmatico Medici di Medicina Generale, Pediatri di Libera Scelta e Farmacisti).

This new version was drafted with involvement from general practitioners (GPs), paediatricians and pharmacists, and analyses:

  • the needs of patients not yet fully or partially satisfied by current pharmaceutical interventions, also with specific reference to the role of GPs, paediatricians and pharmacists in the management of drugs;
  • the factors that can favour the appropriate, effective, safe and efficient use of drugs;
  • the system of rules, constraints and/or tools prepared by AIFA that can optimise the work of GPs, paediatricians and pharmacists, in synergy with other supportive measures, in order to guarantee prescribing appropriateness, fairness of access to drugs, timely introduction of innovative drugs and financial sustainability of public pharmaceutical spending by the NHS.

The document reports the considerations and proposals for the implementation of a collaborative path with AIFA, in order to analyse the legislative and regulatory aspects, as well as the cultural and socio-economic elements.

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Published 9. August 2018 in News Italy