Reference methods published for data protection in France

CNIL, the French Data Protection agency, has published reference methods for data handling and processing, to take into account the introduction of GDPR legislation across Europe. According to CNIL, the new information covers:

  • “MR-001: concerns:
    • the interventional RIPH (intervention on the person not justified by its usual care and research involving only minimal risks and constraints),
    • research requiring the completion of an examination of genetic characteristics
  • MR-002  : relates to non-interventional studies of performance of in vitro diagnostic medical devices; an update of this RM is expected by the end of 2018;
  • MR-003 now only concerns research involving the human person and in particular non-interventional research, mentioned in paragraph 3 of Article L. 1121-1 of the Public Health Code;
  • the new MR-004 is dedicated to non-human research, studies or evaluations in the field of health within the competence of CEREES 

For more information on what is required when processing data from French sources, please read the CNIL article on this story, or the summary on the Allen & Overy site.

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Published 16. July 2018 in News, News France