Consultation in Ireland on information requirements for community-based ePrescribing

Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) have launched a consultation entitled Information requirements for community-based ePrescribing. HIQA’s Standards and Technology Manager, Dr Kevin O’Carroll, said:

“A national ePrescribing service can benefit prescribers by enabling the safe electronic sharing of prescription information. Prescribers can receive notifications when a patient collects a prescription from pharmacy, enabling the prescriber to ensure follow-up with the patient. There may also be reduced interruptions from pharmacies that have queries about prescriptions or need corrections to a prescription.

“A national ePrescribing service can also benefit pharmacists through the electronic downloading of prescription details, rather than manual entry. This can make the dispensing process more efficient and can reduce errors, thus increasing patient safety. It can also reduce the time the pharmacist spends contacting prescribers to query, clarify or get a correction for a prescription, which improves the quality of prescribing.

“HIQA is committed to stakeholder consultation and values all feedback provided to support the development of standards to define the information requirements for the implementation of community-based ePrescribing. The consultation process will take place over a six-week period. In this way, the public, service users and service providers will have the opportunity to provide feedback and become involved in the future of ePrescribing in Ireland.”

To access the consultation, click here.

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Published 19. July 2018 in News, News Ireland