Specialised commissioning updates

In answer to a series of parliamentary questions from Crispin Blunt MP about the specialised commissioning clinical prioritisation process, Steve Brine MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care, has provided updated information on new specialised treatments and the specialised commissioning prioritisation process.

With reference to the announcement by NHS England on 18 December 2017 on new specialised treatments, the minister confirmed that the Clinical Priorities Advisory Group (CPAG) is meeting on 14, 15 and 16 May to consider new recommendations on specialised treatments and that NHS England estimate that in excess of £3 million annual expenditure for new medicines was approved for funding as a result of the November 2017 prioritisation process.

Regarding the specialised commissioning prioritisation process, the minister clarified that the published NHS England guidance about the specialised commissioning clinical prioritisation process indicates that where a product is already in scope of a framework tender process run by the commercial medicines unit instructions on offer submissions are provided via the standard supplier portal as part of the tender process in the usual way. The budget for the NHS England specialised commissioning prioritisation process for 2017/18 was confirmed to be £25 million and £25 million for 2018/19. Allocations have not been agreed yet for 2019/20.

The minister also clarified that no formal centralised reverse auction is being undertaken for the May 2018 prioritisation round, but NHS England continues to work with manufacturers through industry associations on the technology to support the process of submitting commercial proposals for future prioritisation rounds

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Published 1. March 2018 in News UK