OHE report discusses appropriateness of cost-per-QALY in ultra-orphan HSTs

The Office of Health Economics (OHE) has published a report discussing whether the cost-per-QALY (quality-adjusted life years) is appropriate when appraising ultra-orphan drugs as part of the NICE Highly Specialised Technology (HST) process, given the impact such rare diseases have beyond the patient such as on family and society.

Under the current HST programme, HSTs with a £100,000 cost-per-QALY will generally not be recommended by NICE, however, the OHE argues that as non-QALY factors are highly important in the assessment, it is inappropriate to focus the HST appraisal only on a cost-per-QALY measure.

Additionally, the OHE states that given the lack of empirical basis, the £100,000 cost-per-QALY threshold and its further possible uplift by a factor of three seem arbitrary.

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Published 23. March 2018 in News UK