England implementation plan published for UK rare diseases strategy

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has published a plan outlining the actions that the Department and partner organisations will take to implement the commitments under the 2013 UK Strategy for Rare Diseases. It sits alongside NHS England’s (NHSE’s) implementation plan, which can be accessed through NHSE’s highly specialised services webpage.

The document and its annexes describe key achievements and future activities across the five themes of the Strategy, which are:

  1. empowering those affected by rare diseases;
  2. identifying and preventing rare diseases;
  3. diagnosis and early intervention;
  4. coordination of care;
  5. the role of research.

While the development of a plan has been broadly welcomed by stakeholders, concerns have been raised by Rare Disease UK about the decision to deliver two separate plans (DHSC and NHSE), and the challenges this may pose for their delivery and monitoring.

Please click here to access the plan.

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Published 30. January 2018 in News UK