Ministry of Health adopts new format for transfer of Federal funds

The new financing model for the Unified Health System (SUS) is set to go live from January 2018. It is intended to ensure more efficiency in the use of resources through better control and monitoring of compliance, with health resources more closely aligned to actions.

Through this model, more than R$ 5.7 billion in 2016 and R$ 7 billion in 2017 were prevented from deposit into accounts of municipalities, states and Federal Districts.

Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros points to this inefficiency as a means of freeing up more funds stating

“This proves that there is money standing still, while many areas are lacking in resources. It is a bureaucratic contradiction that needed to be eliminated “.

Th new model will mean that in practice, state and municipal managers will have more autonomy, but with more responsibility in the execution of health resources.

The Ministry of Health will monitor the application of federal resources, every two months, through the SIOPS – Information System on Public Budgets in Health.

Their presentation on this subject matter can be viewed here.

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Published 29. December 2017 in News Brazil